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  • Old Way: Traditional Printing

    Expensive Ink Cartridges

    Big, Heavy, Ugly

    Noisy & Disruptive

    Mechanical Issues


  • New Way: ReallyPrinter™

    Inkless, Save Dolla Bills

    Portable, Compact Size

    Quiet Printing

    No Paper Jams




Imagine the savings! No more expensive ink cartridges.

Never run out of ink again, because you don't need it anymore!

An eco-friendly choice for a sustainable future.

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Print 140+ Pages Per Charge – Long-Lasting Power!

Weighs Less Than 2 iPhones or 1 Textbook – Travel-Friendly.

Bluetooth Printing – Seamless Wireless Connectivity.

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Take it With You On-The-Go.

Eco-Friendly Printing – Reducing Your Carbon Footprint.

Socially Responsible Printing – 2% of Profits Donated to Blind Union.

Innovative Printing – Enjoy a Seamless, Hassle-Free Printing Experience.

Crisp and Clear Prints Every Time.

Quick & Easy Printing From Any Device! 🚀

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(It’s Not Just A List That Makes Us Look Good)

Yes, People Actually Ask These Questions

Really Portable?

Yesss!! Print over 130 pages on a single charge and a weight lighter than a college textbook 📚 makes it very convenient for on-the-go printing needs 🏃‍♂️💼.

ReallyPrinter is perfect for students, travelers, and professionals who require a portable printing solution.

Really Inkless?

It's the 21st century, we have driverless cars 🚗🤖 & you think we need ink?

100% inkless 🚫🖋️. You'll never have to worry about it again. Welcome to the future.

Really Wireless ?

You bet , print from your iPhone or Android devices. Prefer to print from PC or Mac? Also, no problem.

Print from literally any device without a plug.

Really A4 Paper?

YES, the ReallyPrinter perfectly prints on A4 paper. It also uses thermal paper.

It's just like normal paper but relies on heat to create images or text, rather than ink or toner.

Really Free Shipping?

Absolutely, we'll ship the printer 📦🖨️ within 24 hours and you'll get it in less than a week 🗓️🚚.

Some call it win-win, we call it ReallyPrinter.

Hey👋, I'm George. Part-time family guy, full-time ReallyFounder.

I've always been surrounded by massive printers 📠 and the constant chaos of cartridge replacements.

Growing up, I dedicated my time to helping my aunt 👩‍🦯, who has significant vision impairment, helping her business of printing books 📚 for people with disabilities.

Despite the noble cause, process of handling unwieldy printers left me wondering why we couldn't create a portable, sustainable, and enjoyable printing experience.

Print Your Adventure

Better Printing Experience Is Ready For You - Are You?