From a Dream to Reality🌟💭

Welcome to a world where printers no longer define dullness, complexity, and waste.

About Founder

Hey👋, I'm George. Part-time family guy, full-time ReallyFounder.

I've always been surrounded by massive printers 📠 and the constant chaos of cartridge replacements.

Growing up, I dedicated my time to helping my aunt 👩‍🦯, who has significant vision impairment, helping her business of printing books 📚 for people with disabilities.

Despite the noble cause, process of handling unwieldy printers left me wondering why we couldn't create a portable, sustainable, and enjoyable printing experience


Our mission is to redefine the way we think about printing by making it accessible, portable, and environmentally friendly.

We strive to eliminate the noise, waste 🚮, and inconvenience that have plagued the printing industry for far too long.

Helping Others In Need

As a testament to our commitment to social responsibility, we pledge to donate 2% of our profits 💸 to people in need in Georgia.

To ensure complete transparency, we will document and share our donation efforts on our YouTube channel 📺, allowing you to witness the impact of your support.

Join Our Journey

Join us on our journey to transform printing into a seamless, cost-effective, and eco-conscious experience that benefits both you and the planet 🌐.

With our innovative solutions, we're not just changing the game 🕹️ – we're revolutionizing it for a better tomorrow ☀️🌱.

By choosing ReallyPrinter, you're not only investing in a state-of-the-art printing solution, but you're also supporting a greener, more sustainable future🌐.

With our inkless technology, portable design, and commitment to minimizing waste, we're paving the way for a new era of eco-conscious printing that benefits both you and the planet💚

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